Cybersecurity & Risk Management Solutions

Strategic Planning, Comprehensive Risk Assessments & Proactive Breach Prevention

anchor technologies iS a technology-enabled service provider dedicated to assisting organizations navigate cyber risk.

Our Services

Advisory Services

Explore our full range of cyber risk assessments to evaluate and enhance your security posture.

Integration Services

Secure your systems with services that remediate vulnerabilities and implement robust controls.

Procurement Services

Leverage our extensive network as a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) to procure the right security technologies for your business.

myCYPR Risk Management

Optimize cyber risk management with our dynamic platform for visualizing and remediating risks within internal networks and third-party systems.

Our EC3 Program

The EC3 Program unifies Managed Planning & Prevention, advanced Managed Detection & Response with eSentire, and Consolidated Security Platforms into one robust and effective cybersecurity strategy. We believe these three elements form a solid foundation for resilient and comprehensive protection in any organization.

dedicated to cybers risk identification, management, and prevention

of cybersecurity experience on average per team member


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More Than a Provider, We're a Long-Term Security Partner

We’re invested in our clients’ security journey. Choosing Anchor Technologies as your security service provider forges a lasting partnership with a team dedicated to your security success.


With 23 years of unwavering dedication to the cybersecurity sector, Anchor Technologies has always specialized exclusively in this field. Security is our core expertise, not an add-on service. Our team is comprised of senior consultants, recognized industry experts who are committed to sharing their extensive knowledge to enhance your business’s security posture.


We believe that clear, honest communication is the foundation of a successful partnership. From the outset, we provide our clients with realistic expectations and detailed insights into our processes and findings. Regular communications ensure that you are always aware of the status of your project, and our comprehensive reports leave no stone unturned.

Inside Our Approach

1. Strategize

Define your organizational security objectives and priorities, then map out an action plan accordingly.

2. Identify

Define your organizational security objectives and priorities, then map out an action plan accordingly.

3. Manage

Define your organizational security objectives and priorities, then map out an action plan accordingly.

4. Monitor

Define your organizational security objectives and priorities, then map out an action plan accordingly.

Awards & Partnerships

We are honored to be recognized as leaders in cybersecurity through various prestigious industry awards. Our partnerships with leading technology firms enhance our capabilities and ensure cutting-edge solutions for our clients. These accolades and collaborations not only reflect our commitment to excellence and innovation but also drive us to continually set new standards in providing secure, empowering solutions for our clients.

Customer Testimonials

"I've had the privilege of partnering with Anchor on a range of projects. Their team consistently delivers exceptional service at every phase, showcasing professionalism, efficiency, and deep expertise."

Legal Discovery Firm

Chief Information Officer

"Anchor's service has surpassed our expectations, far exceeding the capabilities of our previous provider. I appreciate your innovative approach and the outstanding way they operate."

National Manufacturer

Deputy Chief Information Officer

"Detail-oriented and results-driven, Anchor is our trusted source for expert advice. Their clear, effective solutions to our security challenges have made great impacts to our operations."

Recent Engagements

Anchor provides a full spectrum of cybersecurity services assisting our clients with all aspects of cybersecurity risk planning, identification, management, and monitoring.

Penetration Testing

from $15,000

Providing ethical hacking to test an environment’s susceptibility to a breach using real-world hacking techniques against infrastucture, application or wireless.

Incident Response and Remediation

from $2,800

Providing security incident response to determine the current state, investigation and shut down. It can also provide remediation to help clean up after an attack.

Cyber Maturity Assessment

from $16,500

Cybersecurity program and best practice analysis includes. ascore card indicating implementation level of the standard offered in the Center for Internet Security’s 20 Critical Security Controls.

Take control of Cyber Your Risk

Cybersecurity is a continuous journey. Our tailored security services and risk assessments help you define a robust strategy, identify vulnerabilities, and take control of your cyber risk effectively. We’re eager to ensure your business stays ahead of emerging threats and remains secure.